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Welcome to Pathema GX

Trusted by physicians nationwide, Pathema’s at-home, saliva-based genetic test will arm you with critical information about your potential for a wide spectrum of medical condition and diseases

What’s included when you get a Pathema DNA Kit

You’ll receive our DNA Kit via Priority Mail. It includes:

  • Patient Requisition Form
  • Q-Tip Oral Swab
  • Swab Return Bag
  • Patient Advocate Helpline Card

Identify the risk, evaluate genetic variations in your genes

Our Services to Individuals are Unique in 3 Ways:

Genes and 8 Types of Hereditary Cancers

30 genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, that impact risk for breast, ovarian, uterine, colon, melanoma, pancreatic, stomach, and prostate cancers.

Genetic Basis for Risk of Heart Conditions

We identify 30 genes associated with genetic forms of heart disease. This enables providers to evaluate them differently from non-genetic conditions.

Genes That Affect How Medications are Processed

We highlight the 14 genes that are known to influence how your body processes specific medications.

How it Works?
How You'll Benefit From Knowing Your Genetic Makeup:

Genes are passed down through families so what you learn with Pathema could also provide insights for your family.

  • Learn about the health history that runs in your family
  • Identify potential risks at an early stage
  • Share your knowledge with your family members and future generations
  • Use your Patient Advocate Helpline Card as needed

Comprehensive Genetics Testing Solutions

As a leading molecular diagnostics laboratory, we partner with clinicians by offering a full suite of genetics testing capabilities. These not only help maximize a clinical provider’s ability to accurately and timely diagnose and treat patients’ medical conditions, they also give patients the knowledge of their unique, specific genetic makeup so they can take effective actions in response.

The Highest Standards


PathemaGx is a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited molecular laboratory that is based in Houston, Texas. We are patient-focused and driven to provide the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective genetic-testing services in the industry.