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How to Swab

Complete Your DNA Testing in 3 Simple Steps

Have questions or need help? We encourage you to call us as soon as you receive your kit at

Collection Precautions

  • Make sure the sponge tip does NOT come into contact with any surface prior to collection.
  • You should NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before collecting the oral sample.

1. Sign Requisition Form

Please sign the requisition form located inside the Pathema DNA Kit.

2. Complete Swab Test

Complete the swab instructions steps (1-5) shown below.

3. Ship Back

Place the signed requisition form in the box with your completed swab kit and ship back to PathemaGx for processing.

What’s Included in Your DNA Testing Kit

The package you’ll receive from PathemaGx labs via Priority Mail contains:

Patient Requisition Form

Q-Tip Oral Swab

Swab Return Bag

Patient Advocate Helpline Card

Have Questions

We encourage all recipients of our DNA Testing Kit to kindly call this number right away:

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure your DNA swab specimen is viable when we receive it.

Step 1

Open package and remove collector without touching sponge tip. Place sponge as far back in your mouth as you feel comfortable then gently rub along your lower gums in a back-and-forth motion (see close-up image) 10 times. If possible, avoid rubbing your teeth.

Step 2

Gently repeat rubbing motion on the opposite side of your mouth along your lower gums 10 more times.

Step 3

Hold the tube upright to prevent the liquid inside the tube from spilling. Unscrew the blue cap from the collection tube without touching the sponge.

Step 4

Turn the cap upside down, then insert the sponge into the tube and close cap tightly

Step 5

Invert the capped tube and shake vigorously 10 times. That’s it!

Send Us Your Kit

Thank you for completing the instructions. After the swab is completed and placed into the return bag, put it inside the pre-paid return box along with the signed requisition form. Make sure the box is sealed and ready for the return mail to our lab.

Comprehensive Genetics Testing Solutions

As a leading molecular-diagnostics laboratory, we partner with clinicians by offering a full suite of genetic testing capabilities. These not only help maximize a clinical provider’s ability to accurately and timely diagnose and treat patients’ medical conditions, they also give patients the knowledge of their unique, specific genetic makeup so they can take effective actions in response.

The Highest Standards

PathemaGx is proud to be a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited clinical molecular laboratory that serves all 50 states. We were founded on the principles of true partnership in medication safety and compliance. We’re fully committed to upholding the industry’s highest standards of service and strictest regulatory compliance in providing clinically relevant data to providers and patients.