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This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information.
Please review it carefully.

Our Commitment

Our principal goal at Pathema GX is to offer high-quality laboratory services. In order to perform these services, we collect, create, use and disclose information about you. We are dedicated to keeping your health information private, in accordance with federal and state law. As required by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA“), we provide you with this notice of our legal duties with respect to health information. We are required to follow the terms of this notice currently or any revision to it that is in effect. We reserve the right to make changes to this notice as allowed by law. Changes to our privacy practices will apply to all health information we maintain.
If we change this notice, you can access the revised notice using one of these options:

How We May Use and Disclose Your Health Information

We may use your health information and disclose it to appropriate persons, authorities, and agencies, as allowed by federal and state law. We may do this without your written permission for the following purposes:


We can use your health information and share it with other professionals who are treating you.
Example: A doctor treating you for an injury asks another doctor about your overall health condition.

Billing for Services.

We can use and share your health information to bill and get payment from health plans or other entities.
Example: We give information about you to your health insurance plan so it will pay for your services.

Health Care Operations.

We can use and share your health information to run our practice, improve your care, and contact you when necessary.
Example: We use health information about you to manage your treatment and services.

Other Ways We May Disclose Your Health Information

We are allowed or required to share your information in other ways – usually in ways that contribute to the public good, such as public health and research. We have to meet many conditions in the law before we can share your information for these purposes.

Help with public health and safety issues.

We can share health information about you for certain situations such as:

  • Preventing disease
  • Helping with product recalls
  • Reporting adverse reactions to medications
  • Reporting suspected abuse, neglect, or domestic violence
  • Preventing or reducing a serious threat to anyone’s health or safety

Health Care Oversight.

We may disclose your health information to authorities and agencies for oversight activities allowed by law, including audits, investigations, inspections, licensing, disciplinary actions, or legal proceedings. These activities are necessary for oversight of the health care system, government programs, and civil rights laws.

Response to Legal Proceedings.

We may disclose your health information in the course of certain legal proceedings. For example, we may disclose your information in response to a court order.


We may disclose your health information to coroners, medical examiners (for example, to find out the cause of death) and funeral directors so they can carry out their duties.